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CND | NAIL PRIMER (0.5oz) - Single

Brand: CND

CND Primer 0.5 oz

CND Nail Prime is an acidic free bonding agent that permanently adheres to Liquid and Powder enhancements to the natural nails.

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Product Description
  • Forms powerful covalent bonds between Liquid & Powder enhancement products and natural nails for superior adhesion.
  • Non-corrosive formula eliminates burning and thinning of the nail plate
  • Prevents lifting
  • Alcohol Denat.: Solvent used to dissolve or blend together ingredients.
  • Acetoacetoxyethoxy Methacrylate: Methacrylate monomer used to promote product adhesion to the natural nail.


  • Ensure nail plate is thoroughly cleaned and prepared
  • Dip brush into the bottle; press against the edge of the bottle to drain. Avoid touching brush to table towel
  • Apply NailPrime onto nail plate up to cuticle area
  • Avoid touching the skin or flooding the cuticle area
  • Apply on 2-3 nails. Repeat until all nails are coated Nail plate must be thoroughly and evenly coated to assure proper adhesion
  • Allow drying before applying enhancement products
    * NailPrime can be used with Retention+™, Radical SolarNail™ or Moxie™ sculpting liquids, and can be used over existing enhancement produc

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