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Brand: CND

CND Retention+ Powders Clear is a powder that creates color-stable, strong, durable enhancements. Liquid Attraction Technology provides superior clarity and brightness with a creamy and dense workability for a scratch-resistant, ultra-smooth finish.

Product Description

What It Is

Sculpting powders with a creamy, dense workability.

What It Does

• Activate the cross-linking and polymerization of Retention+™, Radical SolarNail™ and Moxie™ Sculpting Liquids.
• New technology coats each powder particle with sculpting liquid eliminating microscopic air bubbles creating superior brightness.
• Creates color-stable, strong, durable enhancements with superior clarity and brightness and a scratch resistant ultra-smooth finish.

What Else You Need to Know

• For use with Retention+, Radical SolarNail or Moxie Sculpting Liquids.
• Self leveling formula: creates thin overlays or allows building in layers.
• To create natural nail overlays and to sculpt on tips and form.
• To create custom blends.
• Available in Sheer and Opaque coverage.

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